Make progress towards your physical and athletic goals with expert training, nutritional and lifestyle advice from a consultant for professional and Olympic calibre athletes.
If you want to be stronger, faster, more powerful, more mobile, more endurant and generally more functional this is the training for you. 


Within this 4 hour month long training package, which is generally used in the form of 4x60 or 8x30 minute sessions, you will receive a bespoke mixture of the following depending on your needs:

  • physical training to improve qualities such as strength, mobility, speed, endurance and any others that will take you towards your goals
  • nutritional guidance to ensure the best is derived from your training and that your lifestyle supports your training goals
  • movement screening, gait analysis and neuromuscular testing
  • injury rehabilitation protocols where necessary
  • a research-based bespoke training plan
  • lifestyle coaching on topics such as sleep and stress
  • email support 07:00-17:00 Monday to Friday

Sessions take place, unless otherwise arranged, at Lifestyle Fitness, Parking level 3 of The Great Northern, Deansgate, Manchester, M3 4EN.

Book the time of your first session after payment by emailing arton@floatsting.com with three suggestions of times that will work for you.