Do these at least 4x per week, working the hip internal rotation drill to progressively sit deeper into the stretch and lift the foot/ankle higher.


Do these MOVEPREP A or B most days. They are all appropriate during warming up. Feel free to add parts of each session to the other but don't subtract.


Do the Pelvic Clock very slowly and gently for a while before doing the Cat Camel. Pay attention to which parts you feel move through both. Start the Cat Camel gently and progressively make it more intense.

Keep the front heel down and take the front knee forward as far as possible. Hold this stretch for 1-2 minutes then do 3x10 second contractions of the shin muscles, trying to pull the top of the foot towards the shin. Each week, add 2s per rep (eg. week 2 3x12s).

Do the movements to get deeper into the position to the point where you open it up nicely, then do the active sitting reach (pushing the hands towards and beyond the feet) for 3x10s, adding 2s per set per week.

Instead of focusing on the number you do, aim in the squat to get the bottom low and the chest high. Stay in the bottom position longer than I do in this demo as this will help.

Do anything between 5 and 25 of each movement depending on how you are feeling that day. This movement is the most important of all that you have worked on so far. Doing this regularly to progress it will mean a taller, stronger spine and looser, more powerful hips, both of which are essential to your physical development and your long game.






Train 2-3 times per week with at least one day of rest in between training sessions.

Use the movement prep to warm up.

  • 3 sets of a challenging number of reps of both lower body exercises supersetted (split squats, straight to SL glute bridges then a 60s rest).

  • Between lower body supersets do sets of 5-7 jumps to a target, doing 3 sets in total per training session.

  • 3 sets of a challenging number of reps of both upper body exercises supersetted.

  • 1 plank and 1 side plank hold each side for a challenging duration.

Every session or two, do a little more (eg. 2 more reps, 2-5s more)



Do this the week of 08/01/2018

Adam McLean next session to be done during the week commencing 08012018.jpg

Keep the torso as upright as possible and lightly touch the back knee towards to ground. Make sure your stance is quite long.

Keep the abs and the glutes tight. Touch the chest to the surface at the bottom of each rep.

Pull the bands to the sides of the ribs and hold for a second before returning to straight arms under control.

Abs and glutes tight, pushing the hands and feet into the ground.

Keep the pelvis high, push the hand and feet into the ground. Look towards the wall in front of you. Face your chest and pelvis this way too.



Step ups - Keep the weight close to the chest and the step height the same session to session.

Stiff leg deadlifts - Keep the knees at the same angle with a slight bend throughout. Keep the spine slightly arched and push the backside back until a stretch is felt in the hamstrings.

Chest flyes - Keep the elbows straight. It is especially important that the descent is controlled in terms of speed, range and arc.

Reverse flyes - Elbows straight throughout. Pause the dumbbells for one second at the top position during each rep.

Weighted windmills - Keep the weight-bearing arm straight and both feet slightly pointing in the direction of it. Only slide the hand down the inside of the thigh is low as you can evenly on both sides.

Only do these if you have somewhere high enough to throw the ball. Do each rep as explosively as possible, not like my conservative demo here (I needed a heavier ball given the ceiling height).


This session was done shortly after 19/01/18


Keep working to the arm of the chair for now until you hit 15 reps per set and then make them lower