Do you want to be faster, stronger, more powerful, more mobile, more resilient to injury and have greater body control for a sport or just because you think it would be cool to achieve progress with these attributes?

In sport, part of what separates the best from the rest is some combination of greater power and greater control. This is what you will gain training with me.

Through an in-depth study of the demands of your sport and a thorough analysis of your fitness and movement capabilities, a training programme will be created for you that will build the right proportions of strength, speed, power, endurance and mobility and see clear progress on a consistent basis. Body composition changes will also occur in addition to functional performance gains.

Unlike lots of training that is done too intensely and leave athletes tired and susceptible to injury, the programme will be strategically implemented to build these qualities at the right pace and time to keep you fresh and on-form during your sporting season.

Inevitably through playing sport, many of us pick up niggles and worse. If that happens to you during our training together, uniquely you will not have to go and seek help elsewhere from a physio, chiro, osteo or masseuse at extra cost. I have worked helping rehabilitate athletes at the highest level and our training will shift focus to get you back healthy while continue to build your fitness.

As well as catering for athletes from all sports at all levels, non-athletes who just want to be more in control of their body through moving better, being stronger and being fitter are also welcome. Whatever your level you will improve towards your objectives with this training if you work consistently, hard and smart.

Email me telling me about what you want to achieve and how much time you are willing to commit to training for more details.


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