This is a first on the blog. I'm going to expose you to some political debate...but purely for metaphorical purposes, I promise.

Watch the video of this news pundit passionately stating what he believes the problem with the American economy is at the moment.

Let's run with the simplistic view that the economy isn't broken. It works perfectly to keep the powerful rich, everybody else poor and will keep widening the gap between the two. Where the people are concerned, it is inherently corrupt.

Any interventions that are made to “improve the economy” by the administration will be ran with their interests in mind, that are at odds with the rest of society. Knowing this, they will make interventions look effective to distract the people while taking from them in some other way.

This is just a metaphor. Stuff like this couldn't really be happening...could it?

Anyway, let me get back to athleticism.

Let me equate your posture/biomechanics/muscular balance or whatever else you would like to refer to it as to the economy. It is your economy, energetically speaking.

Your posture currently serves its purpose perfectly. The unconscious parts of you that govern it chose to hold you this way for a number of reasons around things like past injury, movement history, age, etc.

Let's imagine the conscious part of you is “the people”. You want a different posture. You know it could be better and you know what better would look like. You demand better from the governing parties.

Let's say your shoulders are rounded more than you would like so you begin intervening with scapular retraction exercises. On the face of it, this looks like it will improve things. It doesn't. This isolated intervention is implemented by the self-serving governing system and to keep serving its purpose, it will compensate by changing another part of the system to keep it's current balance. An example of this is seeing people thrust their chins forward when doing scapular retractions.

For real change to occur, the governing system needs to change how it operates. Focusing on isolated changes within a broken system is futile.

Take a person who quits smoking only to start eating more rubbish to satisfy some messed-up need to self-destruct. Would they best change their ways by finding more effective coping mechanisms around cigarettes and junk food or by changing their need to self-destruct?

If you truly want to get more athletic bear this in mind in your training. Are you trying to make the best of your corrupt system or are you trying to sort out your athletic corruption to make an inherently better athletic you? As the image above says - with corruption, everyone pays. You rob yourself and you rob the world of what you can really do.

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Athletic corruption is best sorted, not worked around

Athletic corruption is best sorted, not worked around