Nobody likes getting punched in the face.

I just watched one of my clients, Rosi Sexton, punch and get punched in a UFC fight. Between rounds she walked back to her corner between each round to recharge and get strategy tips from her team.

The team have been with her for months and years helping her prepare.

Helping her improve.

With expert knowledge.

Specific for her exact needs.

When I trained as a full-time athlete, I had a team too. They were the highest calibre. They helped me forward leaps and bounds.

So many people outside of pro sport are dedicated and don't have the opportunity to have somebody in their corner like this.

I am in the corner of some elite athletes and I would like to offer to be in yours.

One time only for a limited number of people, I will offer a 'Your Pro Corner Experience'. 

I will come to you at your location on a mutually agreed date/time and spend 4 hours with you helping you specifically become more athletic for what you do. Speed, strength, agility - whatever you needs, we will formulate. 

Pro athlete treatment for a few hours that will allow you to move smoother and strike harder.

This opportunity is limited - punch the link below if you want in.




P.S. overseas athletes will pay an excess to cover any extra travel costs I have.


Personally experience the service a pro UFC fighter uses

Personally experience the service a pro UFC fighter uses