I used to have a lecturer at university who had THE DULLEST voice I have ever heard.

Even when speaking on interesting topics, his mumbled Irish monotone could have a lecture theatre of students out for the count in a matter of minutes.

His class was a snoozefest.

What's worse, we missed so much material in Slumberland that we all struggled when it came to the exams.

We were missing opportunities to improve.


I feel like my lecturer.

I have been putting you to sleep with my delivery. You've been missing stuff that is crucial to you getting better at your sport.

No more.

Snoozefest is over.

As of today, things change.

Not only will you stay awake, you will learn.

Not only will you learn, you will be entertained.

And most importantly, you'll improve.

Just turning up does no good. To really get better, you've got to LOVE it. 

Loving it plugs you in to the game, 

Close your eyes and remember a time you really loved what you train for and let that feeling coarse through your veins.  

That's what learning can feel like. 

That's why I am bringing changes your way over the next few days and weeks.


Stay awake and you'll catch them, 

Former Professor, Arton Baleci


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AuthorFloat Sting