I will never forget the moment one of my best friends who I had known since we were six years old told me he was gay.

Having known him for around 17 years at the time, it was a complete and utter shock to me.

How could I not have known?

How could our entire groups of friends have had no inkling?

He'd obviously became a pro at hiding certain things and keeping certain secrets from us.

Can you imagine how much energy this must take? Constantly being careful about what you say and do because you are scared of what may happen if you do what you want to do.

It must have been sapping.

And the act of finally telling the world must have been on of the most liberating moments of his life.

In spite of his fear about how it would affect his relationships with friends and family, he spoke his truth.

Honesty like this gives my friend 'rockstar' status. He was unbelievably brave.

And through being brave he showed those around him more of who he really was and got to know who really loved him.

We all have secrets we are scared of sharing with the world.

We all live in fear.

We all make our world smaller in order to try to protect ourselves from perceived threats.

I know I have.

And I've had enough.

I'm coming out. Not in the same way as my gay friend did. Sorry to my girlfriend for not making that clear before writing that sentence!

I'm going to make my personality better known to my clients. I've been so dry up until now with most of you that probably think I am a boring bastard.

I'm not, I just thought that I needed to be to appear professional to you.

I've had a revelation. That just isn't true.

Being very proper and vanilla is mutually exclusive to delivering great service.

I'm going to give you a more authentic version of me and Float Sting from now on and you will get even better results than before. Keep an eye out for a list of things you probably didn't know about me over the next few days.


Aside from that, this 'coming out' is directly applicable to your own athleticism.

Your body is keeping secrets.

It is scared of the possible consequences of going outside of a certain zone.

Therefore, your brain has made certain movements less viable to the point of impossibility.

This saps your energy, your strength, your speed, your flexibility.

Through being scared, it actually becomes more vulnerable to being hurt; to injury.

Do something about it today.

I give you two options.

  1. Do something that involves moving in an unfamiliar way. You may feel daft until it becomes familiar. When it feels familiar, you will be freer and safer.
  2. Tell somebody a little truth a truth you've been embarrassed to tell them. The release it brings you may free you up a little psychologically and athletically.

Until tomorrow,

Arton 'kind of out of the closet' Baleci

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