Will your door be knocked off its hinges by people dressed up as serial killers and One Direction tonight? 

Mine will.  

Where I live it's so bad that people actually try to open your door if you don't answer it! I need to double bolt my door just to keep the crazy out!  

There is some scary stuff out there and that doesn't just go for people either. 

A lot of the info presented to us on how to get stronger, faster and more agile is much more trick than treat. 

Think of magazines full of new training tips and workouts like alluring pieces of candy and sweeties. They look great, taste great but have no substance.  

They are the sugar rush that hypes you up and brings you crashing down waiting for the next rush. 

Let's face it - nobody ever really got athletic from them.

Tricks don't work.  

Athleticism comes from staying the course with a well designed training programme based on sound principles. They are the real treats. 

I do not yet offer fully integrated training programmes based around the principles I use here at Float Sting but through real world examples and stories I offer you, my clever committed athlete, food for thought so you can roll some solid principles into your training and playing.

Today, I'm offering you what I hope you find to be a real treat. 

Just last night, I finished a series of exclusive content for subscribers only.

Rather than coming in a one million page ebook that never gets read, it will come your way in bite sized pieces for easy digestion. Some of the blog now will also only reach subscribers so I suggest you do the following now:


There's my treat for you.

Happy Halloween, 

Arton 'my face always looks like Halloween' Baleci

P.S. the next blog posted will only be advertised to subscribers so click that link above to make sure you get it.

Lots of info on athleticism is more trick than treat

Lots of info on athleticism is more trick than treat