I spent one evening at the weekend in a bank vault with a bearded lunatic.

This 'lunatic' was a dear friend of mine celebrating his birthday.

The bank vault was the coolest restaurant I've ever been to.

We had a superb night...

and then stuff got extremely funny!

It's not uncommon for people to get a little bit tipsy on special occasions, is it?

You may have seen people drinking seem to get drunk all of a sudden...

It's like one drink takes them over an invisible edge.

The state of play goes from merry to wild. Sometimes even completely out of control.

If you'd have seen and heard some of the things I saw and heard last night, you'd not forget them.

One drink too many.


It works the same way in sport.

Near a certain limit, the tiniest change over that limit completely changes the game.

One degree more of movement can be edge that helps you save the day or make the winning play.

One second more concentration.

One percent more force.

Performance is a spectrum ranging through the very darkest to the very lightest shades of grey. 

Results are black and white.

Lots of us chase the big result without remembering the tiniest change can take us there.

Just one more drink.

Maybe even just one more drop.


I work in degrees and forces.

What angle can you open up a fraction more or where can you find that extra little bit of force that can make a big difference?

That tiny bit can make for some memorable performances.


Arton "What happens in the vault stays in the vault" Baleci


dangerous drink.jpg