With regards to the popular belief about time healing, it seems like Dr House has hit the nail right on the head with the quote:

""Time changes everything." 
That's what people say. 
It's not true. 
Doing things change's things. 
Not doing things leaves things
exactly as they were."

Whether you're looking at upgrading your performances or recovering from injury, you'd best listen to Dr House.

Practising alone will not improve you very much if at all.

There's a tonne of research on 'purposeful' and 'deliberate' practise. This is organised and with specific purposes in mind.

Turning up and doing the same things the same time after time will do nothing for you except waste your precious time and energy.

It's the same with recovering from injury. Exactly the same.

Rest alone will allow certain bodily processes time to get to work to mend damaged tissues.

But will it provide optimal conditions for recovery? 

Will it align tissues? 

Reset their length?

Their consistency?

Will rest changes the faulty patterns that may have got you injured in the first place?


Time is only really important in



Time doesn't change everything.

Time and experience doesn't make you better.

Time heals, my ass!

Dropping the belief that time alone will work miracles for you will be a highly beneficial thing to do differently in the next few minutes.

Make your time count,

Arton Baleci


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