"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem."


Yes...I have just quoted Captain Jack Sparrow. In my defence he has adapted an Einstein quote there!

While not being renowned for his contribution to sports, this Captain Jack quote gives us a very useful idea of getting better at it.


I worked with a lovely girl this weekend in Holland who had a problem for 10 years. She hadn't been able to lift her arm above horizontal for 10 years due to pain in her shoulder.


The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.


The shoulder was not the problem.

In this case the attitude about the problem wasn't an attitude the way we usually think of it.

It was her body's attitude about organising her entire self to lift the arm.

I could see that while her shoulder was doing what it could to lift the arm, some of the rest of her was doing the opposite of what she wanted.

Some of her 'attitude' was actually making it very hard for her.


We forgot about the shoulder and arm for a few minutes.

I asked her to make a few very gentle, small movements with everywhere else.

I then asked her to lift the arm again.

Around 3 minutes later, she could lift her arm to the vertical so that it touched her ear with no pain in her shoulder.

10 years of pain gone in 3 minutes.

It was pretty emotional.

The shoulder was not the problem.

The attitude of the body that created the pain in the shoulder was the problem.

This attitude changed and there was no more problem.

Thanks, Captain Jack!


It's the same with improving performance too.

Most of us try to make isolated parts of us better to make our whole performance better.

This can work but it works far better and faster if we change the system that creates the substandard performance in that isolated part.


We don't don't need to be pirates to benefit from Captain Jack's thinking.

Be a pirate and take back some of your athleticism.

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Arton "Shiver Me Timbers" Baleci


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