Staggering and swaying. 

Eyes unfocused and wobbling. 

Feeling a little sick.


Many of us have experienced these sorts of effects after a few drinks too many. 

I actually haven't. I've never drank alcohol in my 28 year long life.

I guess that makes me a peculiar soul. But with my sober eyes I've seen plenty of these effects.


And it's not just the moonshine I've seen cause them.


I've seen my work make people 'drunk'.


Just the other day I had a strong example of what I've seen many times.

After an Athletic Upgrade, everything from head to toe is a little different.

Your feet contact the floor a little differently.

Your hips feel a little freer.

Your spine feels a little longer.

You feel a little taller.

And a little stronger.


You, 2.0.


That change from 'You 1.0' to 'You 2.0' is huge.


Your senses are constantly telling you all about you in relation to your environment.

Sights, sounds, smells, tastes, feelings of your own body and your environment, orientation information from your inner ear and a wealth of other info is ever changing.


But 'You 1.0' always perceives this info in the same way.


That change to 'You 2.0' is a change in the set-up of all of your senses.

The way you see, hear, feel etc is all a little different.

Your balance is different. 

Everything's that little bit better.

And better is unfamiliar at first. A little disorientating.


For a while, you are 'drunk on awesome'!


And because it's a an upgraded, more awesome you, your hangover is a different story.

You just feel lighter, stronger and more nimble.


You've probably experienced something like this buzz in your life and I hope you are drunk on awesome, maybe even with me, soon.

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Until next time,


Arton "The Bartender" Baleci