How much has your most expensive watch cost?

I was watching some TV the other night to hear a guy talk about his £75,000 watch collection...

And that he can't tell the time.

Reality TV star Joey Essex can only tell digital time yet wears analogue watches because they look nice even though it's function as a watch is completely useless to him.

Obviously, the watch still serves a purpose...

it's a status symbol that satisfies vanity and moulds some people's perception of him.

Let's face it...

most of us have some vanity needs to satisfy.

£75k worth of watches if I couldn't tell time wouldn't be how I would choose to fulfil my vanity.

Like a Lamborghini if I can't drive.


Some go further and are vane at potential real cost to themselves. 

They choose aesthetic prowess over at the risk of their health with some cosmetic surgery procedures.

I don't think it matters how good you look if you're dead. But some do.

They choose form over function.

I think function should underpin most if not all of our choices. If whatever it is can look good too, then all the better.


Are you building a body that looks good, functions well or both?


I can tell you from personal experience having knackered myself that it doesn't matter how strong you look or fit you are if your health is in the toilet.

If you focus is on how you look or your fitness figures but you can't function without pain, maybe you could do with a change of priorities.

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By all means, rock a Rolex or buy a Lambo...

if you can use it first!


Arton "Casio works too" Baleci


P.S. I'm starting my Covent Garden, London service on 14th December.  It's only for people who really want results for extreme cases of performance improvement or who have had unsolvable pain for years. The work is expensive but you only pay if you get progress. Not many offer that! I'll follow with more details.