To this day, the dazzle of the wallet opening in a flash of flame sticks in my mind.

It was around 6 years ago that I met Jared Manley.

He is an awesome psychological illusionist...
similar in skill and category to Derren Brown.


Jared dazzled me and everybody else he met with his up-close magic and illusion.

I got to know Jared a little bit after seeing him perform and I still remember something he said way back then:


"A magician could spend a lifetime mastering ONE trick."


Now, he didn't mean that this was a good thing for a magician to do...

it was more about the attitude with which to practise magic with...


that a trick is never as good as it could be.

That a magician could always get better.

That one could never get bored of doing the same trick...

because it's always different and can always be learned from.


Check out FC Barcelona.

They are one of the greatest football teams of the modern era over the last 5 or 6 years.

Do you know what their staple training exercise is?

"El Rondo".

In English,

"Piggy in the middle."

This is a schoolyard football drill that kids play from about 6 years old where a circle of them keep possession of the ball while one or two 'piggies in the middle' try to dispossess them.

And the best team in the world will do it before the most important game of their season.

It game is simple - but contains many crucial ingredients for top level football.

And to play it like Barca play it is far from easy.

Check out their unbelievable ability to play the game at speed in the embedded vid.


In a way, they have spent a footballing lifetime
mastering one trick.


They have paid continual attention to the same thing

to keep finding little differences
and little bits extra.

They have realised that the entire game of football exists within that one 'trick'.


In these days of fast moving information, we are bombarded with info constantly.

New, better ways to get the results you want.

And no sooner than you begin down one route, you see another that promises to deliver even better.

So you change course.


Except when you look at anybody who really dazzles with their skills, how much novelty is REALLY in their training methods?

Isn't in more often in the constant reinvention of skill through similar drills and games?

Through spending a lifetime mastering one trick?


Movement is the main fundamental I help people master. It delivers big bang for your buck.


What fundamental skill could you do with paying more attention to?


Arton "Piggy in the Middle, always" Baleci



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