Would you like to be unstoppable?

I saw this video yesterday of a guy that is as close to unstoppable as you'll see! 

This guy has unbelievable tumbling skills that most of us can't relate to.

One of the things that makes these skills possible is this guy's posture.

With inefficient posture, over his longer combinations he would tire and lose momentum...

and losing momentum in these types of moves would lead towards less power in his flips...

less power means less height...

less height means less time to rotate and spin.

Efficient posture is necessary here.

Think of inefficient posture making you into a ball that has deformed a bit. Bad posture can even make you a ball with edges.

As you move forward as a deformed ball, you will have to apply effort to keep yourself going in a straight line (if that's what you intend) and to keep yourself moving at an even speed.

Poor posture makes your movement wonky and forceful.

Now imagine being a perfectly spherical ball.

After applying some initial force to begin moving in your desired direction, you will barely need to work.

You will basically just roll forward.

The only real work you'll need to do is to change direction or to stop.

This is what efficient posture effectively does for you.

Think of the triple jump.
The sprint approach needs to roll effortlessly into the hop;
the hop to the step;
the step to the jump.

Given the same approach speed, the competitor who maintains their momentum best wins.

It's even the same with sprinting to an extent.
Everybody slows at the end of the 100m.
The sprinter who slows least wins.

Fitness is an element in this but becomes less of one for an athlete with good mechanics and posture.

They find it easier to conserve the momentum they have built up.

The more like a perfect ball you can be in motion, the better your posture will be...

the more unstoppable you'll be.

Have a spherical day,

Arton Baleci 

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