Tonight, shit be blowing up!

Bonfire Night: some people love it, some people hate it.

I find it fascinating that objects destroying themselves is so beautiful.

I think this idea is deeply engrained into the collective human psyche...

that there's something beautiful about self-destruction in the name of art or achievement.

Think of how many think about sport.

"As long as we win, it doesn't matter at what cost."

It's very easy to take this attitude when the cost is to somebody else.

But more often than not, it's us who we're destroying for the spectacle.

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To be spectacular, to stand out from the crowd, we all want to be better...

better than we are,

better than our teammates,

better than our competition.

Driven by this desire, we will often find a way to up our performance even if we have to find a distorted way to do it.

We find physical compensatory patterns to do things that otherwise would be too difficult for us.

The number of people I see overworking their lower back -

the number one site for disc problems in our society -

for underworking glutes, is frightening.

It's not that the glutes aren't capable -
they are actually the strongest muscles in the human body - 

it's just that the person doesn't know how to use them.

To get ahead of themselves and their competition, they will forego their best way for the quickest way.

It's at the long term cost of their performance and health.

Power without control is just plain dangerous.

It's the route to going out with a spectacular bang.

Controlling our power is the long term route to producing our ultimate spectacles.

We all want to be spectacular.

But is it really worth blowing shit up for? Especially our own?


Happy Bonfire Night,


Arton Baleci

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What's athletic power without control but spectacular destruction?

What's athletic power without control but spectacular destruction?