"Your eyebrows are super buff, bro,"

said nobody...


Maybe apart from somebody training next to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.


Nobody has even been seriously complemented on their buff eyebrows

or their ripped mouth

or their stacked jaw

in a sports or exercise environment and yet look around and you will see people's faces working hard!

Yet I have never seen the work of the eyebrows or lips or tongues or jaws make anybody faster, stronger or more athletic in any way shape or form.

In fact, I have only seen this gurning slow people down and weaken them.


Check out sprinters. The arms and legs need to be able to produce as much force and move as quickly as possible around a solid centre.

Yet as soon as gurning begins, tension will transmit from the face, down the neck into the shoulders.

The muscles of the shoulders go from being free to fully contract and relax to being partially 'on' all the time.

They're a little unavailable to move.

Slower arms equals slower legs which equals a slower sprinter.

That gurn can take tenths off a time.

A gurn can decide medals.


I've worked a fair bit with horse riders. I see the same thing.

A tense jaw or brow can make for tense shoulders and hands.

Hands continually pulling the reins a little puts the horse under constant tension.

An athletic horse will be a little less with a tense-faced rider.

Too often, habitual tension in the face and scalp (yes, the scalp) can have a knock-on effect all the way down ourselves and rob us of some of what we have...what we are.

Luckily, with our face being one of the most intentional parts of ourself, we can get out of the gurn very quickly and easily.

It just requires that every now and then you pay a little attention.

Relaxing it will allow your powers to be directed to the parts where you need it most.

Your eyebrows are better skinny, not stacked.

Arton Baleci

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