Have you ever played against somebody so superior to you that you felt like walking away from the game that day?

I have several times in my life and I can begin to empathise with the guys who have to try stopping this guy - 


De'Anthony Thomas

aka "The Black Mamba"


This young man slices through elite college football teams like a hot knife through butter. Check him out in the vid.

With his unparalleled mixture of speed and agility, once he gets going with half decent blocking, nobody will catch him.

As well as being a hard working guy with great team-mates and coaches helping him,

he is evidently blessed with genetics that give him a wealth of fast twitch fibre that most of us just don't have.

It's easier to be a nightmare with these inherent gifts but what do us mere mortals do who don't have them? What if you're not a Black Mamba?

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