If you still own an old school Nokia brick, I don't know how much sense this article will make to you.


It may be time for an upgrade just so you can come back and read this!



Think of your smartphone.


It will run on an operating system like Android, iOS or Windows.


Within that operating system, you have a collection of apps...

Facebook, Maps, Twitter, Chat Roulette (joke), etc.


Each app allows a specific function.


The more apps you have, the more your phone can do.


Every now and then, you will be able update or upgrade your apps, giving them new functions and fixing bugs.


Adding more apps or upgrading the apps you have will give you a better functioning phone.



We're a bit like phones and our movements are a bit like apps.

We add more movements and directly make these movements better to make ourselves more athletic.


But think of a phone with an old operating system, the first version of Android, for example.


The apps we had on it wouldn't be able to function well at all. Some of them wouldn't even be compatible.


So we could have a brand spanking new phone that isn't working well because we have an old operating system running on it. If we aren't tech savvy, we may never know it. We will never know how much better our phone could be.


Again, we are a bit like phones.


Our movements (apps) are limited by our operating system which in our case is the state of our nervous system. 

Just like there was Android 1.0, there will be essentially be You 1.0 and many versions above that.


If you change one of your apps, like running or twisting or jumping, the other apps won't necessarily change.


If you upgrade You 1.0, all of your apps will change. 

You will get faster, stronger and more agile just for upgrading at a higher level of function.

It's no more work but the returns are larger.



We spend a lot of time in our training trying to improve specific movements we make and this most certainly has a place.


Footballers should work on improving their passing techniques.

Rugby players should improve their tackling.

Basketballers should improve their shooting.


And one area that 99% of us neglect is on upgrading the way our nervous system works.


Improving our spatial awareness, body awareness, balance, vision, hearing and other sensory systems will allow us to do all of our sporting skills better.


This is what I do with people and that is why I call what I do Athletic Upgrading.


Whether you become a client of mine or not, upgrading at the operating system level as well as the app level will take you to athletic places you've never been before. You can get lots of exclusive info on doing this by clicking here to become a free subscriber.


You probably exchanged your brick for something smarter a long time ago.


Now get smarter with yourself.




Arton "The athletic equivalent of two cups coonected by a string" Baleci



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