Yesterday I visited Formby Hall Golf Resort & Spa to partake in a little experimentation with a PGA professional client of mine, Richie Marsden.

We decided to crunch some numbers of the benefits of Athletic Upgrading for his game.

Richie has a number of cool toys that we set about analysing his pre and post Upgrade performance with. 

Specifically, we wanted to see how we could change his 7 iron swing speed.

Over the course of around one hour's work, Richie managed to take his average swing speed from around 86 mph (typical for this out-of-competition cold time of the year) to 89.5 mph.

This is his competition peak speed - 90 mph was the PGA 'tour' average for 2012.


That's an improvement of just under 4% in a sport where the tiniest marginal gain in treasured.


I would call 4% larger than marginal.

He actually swung 91.5 mph at top speed. That puts him above average for a PGA tour professional.


This is a superb achievement off-season.


Throughout the session, which lasted longer than one of his regular swing sessions would, he fatigued a little yet felt his swing getting easier and easier the more Upgrading we did.

His 91.5 mph swing was his 46th swing of 55.

His swing remained at a very high quality throughout his session. He was pleasantly surprised at his quality and consistency.



As well as saying he knows many professionals and amateurs who can prosper from what we did, he sent me this over for this article.


"What I'm looking for in my swing is to create a fast moving club head as efficiently and as controlled as possible, we were able to hit shots and measure club head speed.  

In between groups of shots, with Arton's expertise we worked on some novel body movements which allowed me to increase club speed without feeling like I was putting in additional effort to do so."

I'll be the first to admit I know next to nothing about golf.

But it doesn't matter.

Golfers are athletes...

and athletes are people.

People are essentially the same.
Most of us have a head, four major limbs and a torso. 
Our nervous systems operate using the same principles in the same world under the same conditions.

Athletic Upgrading works using these principles.

That's why as soon as I understand what an athlete wants, regardless of my knowledge of their sport, I can help them towards it.


We focused our attention on club speed with the analysis methods we had at our disposal. I would bet my bottom dollar that other important elements of Richie's swing and game will have improved similarly.

I'm sure we'll play with this a little more in the future if we find time aside from the primary objective - upgrading Richie's game.


4% improvement in one session is significant at the top level. 

It all came from helping him use what he's already got even better.


How much better could your game get if you were using yourself that bit better?


Arton "Caddyshack" Baleci


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