Imagine if your abilities to do simple things like walking, running and climbing stairs suddenly suffered and became twice as difficult.


This would dramatically change the quality of most people's lives.


I know it would mine.



I've been reading some fascinating books on learning and children's experiences of learning over the past few days.


It became apparent to me that the scenario I asked you to imagine at the start of the article comes in a different form that I think many more of us are unknowingly familiar with.


What if all you could remember was these things being difficult because


a) you had never had an easy experience of them

b) you had them and lost them in early life so you can't remember them

c) they vanished so slowly over such a long period of time you didn't notice



Many of us live from a place of very limited physical ability and aren't aware of it because so many of us do that it appears normal.



Last week I worked with an 8 year old who wasn't lucky enough to live in this 'normal' range.


The boy who is as bright as a button had a body that wouldn't obey him. 


His basic abilities to balance and move weren't 'normal' for his age.


We all know it isn't easy being behind our peers. 

It surely isn't as a kid.


Here's what his dad had to say after our first session (you can sign up for exclusive free info from me by clicking here):



"After 12 months of inconclusive diagnoses of my 8 year old son's hip/ankle problems we have finally some light at the end of the tunnel!  

My son is a very active 8 year old boy with a keen interest in football but this issue with his hips/ legs has limited his progression as he was unable to run freely or balance properly.  This causes him great frustration and distress at times.  

We were lead to believe it may be dyspraxia but decided to seek further advice and we were then told it was a muscular weakness in his ankles and hips.  

In one session with Arton we talked over my son's history and he pin-pointed the fact that Oliver didn't crawl as a child. He then tailored his session based around that missing part of his physical development and the results have been incredible! 

Oliver is now moving with more balance and freedom and his self-confidence is at an all-time high! Arton has given us some activities to do with Oliver that will continue his progress.  

I would recommend Arton/Float Sting as he is giving my son the freedom to play the sports he loves without the frustrations and limitations he once suffered. Thanks again."



There was nothing 'wrong' with Oliver. He'd just missed something. Like missing maths class for a few months then struggling to do the same work as the rest of the class.

And people were ready to slap a label on this kid that could have altered his life through changing his beliefs about himself and those of others towards him.


Oliver changed his abilities markedly in an hour. Just by catching up on a bit of work he once missed.

I didn't even help him do the work, I just identified what he'd missed and created some games through which he could find them.


Most of us missed something too that has robbed us of qualities of functioning and athleticism we wouldn't believe we're capable of.


What did you miss and how could you go about finding it?


Arton "Playing catch-up" Baleci