It's tragic to come back after injury and not get back to the level you used to.

Sometimes, however much work you put in, you just can't get there.

The harder you work, the more futile the struggle can seem.


Top World Cup and European Cup winning footballer Fernando Torres has never quite played to the same level since some knee problems while still at Liverpool in early 2010.

He went on to play in and win the World Cup with Spain that summer and be signed for a British record £50,000,000.

He is still a great player who is ultra-fit to deal with the demands of elite football...

and just still a little short of his previous performances.


Some players endure this for a period of time and find their old performance groove. 

It's great to see this happen.

And I think the process of getting back on top of your game can be made quicker.


With a host of clients, I now have a top ex-footballer agreeing with me:


"I have played both in the Dutch and English professional leagues and have experienced my share of injuries during that time. Although I had the luck of never having a career-threatening injury, every minute spent injured felt like wasted time. Especially starting back training while recovering from an injury, trying to move like before the injury, always proved difficult.

Now having retired and trying to stay fit, I still experience some of the niggly problems that I developed during my time as a professional player. Meeting Arton in Holland, I got introduced to some of his methods. For me, Arton approaches the problem of the injury in a new way looking at individual muscle groups and their supposed function in contrast to their current function after the injury. It has given me a new way of looking at treating fitness problems. 

Meeting Arton while still playing would have certainly helped me recover from injuries and get back to full match fitness faster and stronger." 

Arjan De Zeeuw, ex Wigan Athletic, Portsmouth, Barnsley, Coventry City and Telstar footballer


We lose fitness while injured that we need back to perform out our previous levels.

Most of us succeed on this front.

Where most of us fall down is achieving our old levels of function and ease.

By function in this, I mean the small movements that make up the larger ones.

Did you recover your old range of movement post-injury?

And if you did, is it as controlled as it once was? 

And did it feel as easy? As effortless?


Small decreases in function and ease can lead to these reductions in performance even if you fitness is better than it ever was.


To get back on top of your game as quickly as possible, by all means do all the fitness/conditioning work you need to and pay special attention to your function and ease.

This can turn your performance from tragic to terrific.



Arton "Give me Torres" Baleci


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