New Year's Resolution: a commitment that an individual makes at New Year's Day about the upcoming year.



New Year's Resolutions don't work for most people.


Kind of.


Resolutions can't work because they aren't things.


They are just words. They cannot do work.


It's much more accurate to say that most people don't work for their New Year's Resolutions.




Think for a second about some resolutions or commitments that you didn't follow though on at all or all the way.



Did you really want to do them?


I bet there was a part of you that did...


and another part that didn't.


Another part of you wanted almost the opposite.


So in a way you wanted neither.



Maybe you actually wanted something you weren't even aware of.


Maybe that thing would have came to you much more easily.



I want you and all my other readers to be better athletes if that's what you really want.

I wanted it yesterday, I'll want it tomorrow and I'll probably want it way beyond this coming year.


I don't struggle with that. That's an easy thing for me to want and for me to do something about.



'Resolution' is related to the word 'resolve' which means to decide firmly on a course of action.



Deciding firmly.




In my experience, we consistently do the things we find enjoyable and fun.


Do we 'decide firmly' to do those?




How about picking some fun stuff to do this year in your sport? Stuff that you'll enjoy? Stuff that you'll really love?


How about finding some easy ways to do it?


How much easier do you think it will be to stay the course for things you really want to do rather than for things you think are good ideas because other people have said they are?




As I said, I want you - if you want to - to become a better athlete...


faster, more agile, stronger, more skilful - all that sexy stuff.




You can work hard, push yourself, take things seriously and sweat blood to get there.


Or you can play wholeheartedly, make it as easy as possible for yourself, have a sense of humour about it and just sweat sweat to get there.



The only things the two approaches have in common are the following:


  • they both involve consistent action. The first approach also involves quite a bit of time beating yourself up.
  • neither guarantee you will get to where you want.


What would you rather do this year?




See you soon,




Arton "HAPPY new year" Baleci


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