I promise, I will not post any pictures of myself sat nude on top of a wrecking ball or licking any sledgehammers in this post.

Bad news for some of you, I know.


You may have seen the elderly attention seeking Hannah Montana smashing stuff up in her latest music video.

Amongst the things she's smashing up are my ear drums but I digress.

Let's talk a little about hitting stuff to do damage like we sometimes have to do in our sports.


Think of the sledgehammer Miley slimes with her lizardly tongue.

Let's say she hits a wall with it using 1000 newtons of force.

The wall doesn't budge.

She can't swing her sweaty hammer any harder.

What could she do to make her swing hurt the wall more?


Think of the face of the hammer.

Imagine it's pretty large - 10 by 10cm.

That means the pressure the wall feels is 10 newtons per square centimetre.


If we kept everything about the hammer the same and just made the face smaller - 5 by 5cm...

the pressure the wall now feels is 40 newtons per square centimetre.


The part of the wall that's getting whacked is feeling it four times more than it did before.


It's a much more deadly strike for the same amount of effort put in.

The wall is much more likely to be dented or pierced.


We're not Miley Cyrus and we're not thumping walls...

but pressure plays a part in many of our sports.


If you punch, are you making best use of pressure and your body structure to inflict maximal damage?


If you're kicking a person or a ball, is your hitting applying maximal pressure when you want it to?


Can you change your strikes to contact with a smaller surface area to give your hits more of a sting?


It's not always about a deadly hit but when it is, I want you to have the knowledge and choice to make your hits as deadly as possible.

Move smoother, strike harder.

It's what I do here at Float Sting.


I suggest you do it too.

No pressure though.


Arton "Get that tongue away from my sledgehammer" Baleci

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