He looked like he felt awesome doing his sport.

When is the last time you felt awesome doing your sport?

What does awesome feel like?

  • Sharp
  • Balanced
  • Quick
  • Strong
  • Aware

I'm sure awesome feels like some of those things and many more.

I want you to feel more awesome more often.

Here at FLOAT STING, I help people unearth more of their athletic abilities so they can feel more awesome more often doing the things they love doing.

I am dedicated, through this site and my services, to helping you get back in the game after any injuries, stay in the game consistently and then discover ways to do things you didn't even know you could do.

To avoid any confusion, this is not a fitness site and I am not a PT or S&C coach. This is not a corrective exercise site and I am not a physiotherapist.

I help people, through movement, learn to use themselves better. If you use yourself better, you will heal better, be more resilient and perform better. You will enjoy your sport more. You may even enjoy things out of the game more.

This is my maiden blog post and to celebrate, I would like to do a free session with one of you readers to help you feel more awesome in your sport.

I may write about it but this could be done anonymously if the chosen one wishes. To have a chance to do this free session with me (this will either be over Skype or in person depending on where in the world we are in relation to each other over the coming weeks), all you need to do is send an email to weareFloatSting@gmail.com (this will subscribe you) from you before July 4th to let me know what you would like to be more awesome at and how. Maybe you've injured yourself, maybe you're fed up of injuring yourself, maybe you can't do something you were once able to do or maybe you want to explore new athletic territory. Whatever it is, we can at least make some progress on it during our session.

If you would like to share this blog post and news of this celebration offer with people you know would be interested in finding some extra awesome for their sport, please do – the more, the merrier.

I will write more in the coming weeks about how you can unearth forgotten and unknown athleticism in yourself. It is there waiting in you, however athletic you currently are.


Muhammad Ali knew what athleticism really was. Float Sting.

Muhammad Ali knew what athleticism really was. Float Sting.