Remember my story from yesterday about the immovable guy I once played against? Thanks to David McGettigan Sports Rehabilitation, I can now show you a video of the immovability phenomenon taken to the extreme. Watch the demonstrations of this tai chi master (although not in English, you will get the picture quickly) culminating against Asia's Strongest Man more than twice his weight and half his age.


How is this possible? This guy has clearly trained his secret muscles over the course of many, many years to the extent he can act as solidly as a brick wall. Or more precisely, a concrete floor.

The master uses his secret muscles (the alignment of his skeleton in cooperation with his muscles) so skilfully that he connects his opponents push almost perfectly into the floor. It doesn't matter how strong you are, you will never beat the floor! While the floor does the work, the master is free to breathe without strain and even have a refreshing drink.

This is the type of strength I felt many years ago. This is the type of strength that can give you an edge that most people aren't even aware of.

Think about it – how many people train for this type of strength? With so few even aware of it, it is an untapped area of human performance enhancement in nearly all mainstream sports, even through to the very highest levels. What's more, training to use your body with better alignment will not put extra conditioning demands on you. It is all about finding easier and easier ways to produce force using your structure. It will make you more flexible, faster and more resilient to injury simultaneously. That's what our Athletic Simplification service is all about.

The secret muscles are where it's at.