If you were expecting an anatomy based sequel to the Euro pop sensation "What does the fox say", I'm very sorry to disappoint you. Maybe with enough likes and shares...


I will move on before that comes back to bite me.


I just want to share with you a really useful way of thinking about how efficient your movement actually is.


Why do you want efficient movement I hear you say?


Well, my beloved reader, although efficiency isn't conventionally thought of in a sexy manner, it actually is. Efficient movement will minimise your odds of not being able to do what you love because you're injured and will ramp up everything from your speed to your agility to your strength to your endurance. All of these returns for the same effort as you were putting in before you became more efficient. Not bad, eh?



Back to the pertinent question of how you know how efficient you are.


Take a quick break to make the very basic movement of looking down towards the floor and then up towards the ceiling. Notice where your nose points to at the top and bottom end.



Now imagine opposite you is your skeleton doppelganger. They are suspended by magical powers and are now going to replay the movement as you just did...kind of.


It turns out the magical powers are lazy and like to do just enough to get the job done.


They will do the movement to take the nose to the same end points but in the easiest possible way.


What would the skeleton say to your way of doing it?


Is it how they would achieve the same thing?


Do the movement again. Does it feel easy?


Where do you feel movement?


Where moves first?


Lots of people will just move their head when asked to look up and down.


What would the skeleton say?



Thinking of how your skeleton doppelganger would do what you are trying to do may help you see where you can make your movements that bit more efficient.


And you will enjoy having that lovely song stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Just picture it with a skeleton dancing around instead.




Arton "The next Euro pop sensation" Baleci



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