Would you like to live in a dictatorship?

Told how to live every aspect of your life?

Face major repercussions if you don't obey to your orders?


I don't know about you but I don't like being told what to do at the best of times.

Even if somebody tells me to do something that would 'be good for me', I usually resist. Even with negative consequences attached.


I don't think many of us like being ordered about.

I spent some time with my darling little toddler BFF 'Monkey' over the weekend and this is very clear to see with people of that age, which we all once were.

At that age, we want to do what we want to do and we object strongly  to anything else.


Adults can order children around and use punishments to motivate the behaviour that they want...

but it seems there's an easier way.


Present 'good' choices in a way that's fun and appealing to the child.


When this works, the child makes a choice they are happy with, will enjoy doing the activity and will happily do it again with no drama.

It won't always work but then neither does the Dictator approach. Children, like adults, have choice.


It's because of our affinity to having choice that we reject orders, whether they are good for us or not.

And it's because of this that being told how to move better doesn't work.


You 'know' you should stand tall with your chest wide.

You 'know' you should track your knees over your toes as you squat.

You 'know' you should place your feet a certain way when you walk and run.


But all these things 'you know you should' have been dictated to you. They are not really yours.

As long as you aren't their origin, they will just be hard work that in the end is futile.


You will always gravitate towards what you find most favourable unconsciously based on your personal experience.


Doing things the way you currently do is (unconsciously) more fun, enjoyable, comfortable and easy even if consciously you would like to be 'better'.


Like a child you'd like to eat their broccoli that you may make a game out of to make it fun and easier, you may want to think about doing similar for yourself.


You can try to force through will power, which is essentially being your own Dictator, standing tall and wide, squatting knees over toes or running correctly or you make these things fun for your body. You can get lots of info on how to do this by clicking here to sign up for free.


Because the child that you force-feed their broccoli will hate it in later life and those 'loyal' subjects will eventually revolt.



Arton "Kim Wrong Il" Baleci