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I like being stuck in traffic as much as I like repeatedly punching myself in the face.

Sat nav systems are fantastic for planning out road routes quickly and easily.

They'll present you with a series of choices, ordered based on shortest distance first, and talk you through your journey step by step.


Unless you want to do some sightseeing on your way, you pick the most direct route, right?

I'd say it depends.

Sometimes direct isn't direct.


When we're talking about journeys like this, we think in terms of both distance and time.

You and I both know that the journey that is shortest in terms of distance can be much longer in terms of time depending on traffic.

Some routes are predictably congested...if you know the area.

Knowing the area allows you to make a fairly informed choice on whether you would like to take the shortest distance that will save fuel but may take much longer or you take the 'long way home' that despite its greater distance away is a much quicker journey.


You want to be better at your sport, right?

You want to be faster, stronger, more agile and more coordinated?


I've made many journeys with many people and I can tell you that what appears to be the direct route is usually the long way home and vice versa.

The more we want it, the more it eludes us.

The faster we hurry for it, the slower it comes.


I often find that regressing somebody to the most gentle, light movement imaginable can increase their strength much quicker than heavy work.

I've seen people get faster in 30 minutes of slow training than they have with years of speed training. You can learn more about how to do that for yourself by clicking here.


If the route you're choosing is getting you more of what you really want over time, you're (as Charlie Sheen said) winning.


If the route you're choosing, however direct it looks, whatever the Sat Nav says, has you stuck in an indefinite traffic jam on the way to your goals, it may be worth considering taking the long way home.



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