Do you have a goal that seems truly impossible?

A goal that in your wildest dreams happens but you doubt if not in a dream-like mode?


I think we all have them and I think if honest, most of are daunted by them from time to time.

They seem too big.

The route towards them doesn't seem clear.


At the moment, I am working with a client who I'll refer to as "O" who is dreaming big like this. O wants to recover the fullest bodily function possible after a spinal cord injury.

Here's a bit from them:


"Arton is and has been instrumental in my ongoing recovery after a motorbike accident. Damage to my spinal cord and several other injuries make for an interesting journey to return to a functional and comfortable way of living and moving. I am achieving results which greatly improve my comfort and mobility and every time Arton and I work together a noticeable leap forward is being made. 

Muscles around my ribcage didn't work which made laughing and coughing very difficult, within a matter of minutes Arton gave me back the ability to at least partly being able to do these things. The same can be said for intentional movement in my fingers which is below my level of injury and therefore unusual to see movement come back. Even more astonishing is that with simple exercises noticeable intentional movement in my legs can be seen. After the last time we worked together, my posture and balance have improved to the extent that my consultant decided to no longer try to correct my posture with injections into my back. 

Arton's very clear and understandable way of working and explaining every step in the process are giving me a great insight in how to further progress with my recovery. There is still a long way to go in this recovery process and I look forward to continue working with Arton on being the best I can be."



O regularly exhibits all of the ways of acting that are in my mind prerequisites for achieving big things:


  • patience
  • a sense of humour
  • personal responsibility
  • consistent action

These things make the seemingly impossible all the more viable.




I don't know all the ins and outs of what I best do to help O get what they want.


I don't know how far we can get towards the goal. We've been told it's impossible.


But we were also told that nothing could be done about O's chest. That O would never move their hands and legs intentionally ever again.


I didn't know we could get this response at all but I did what I knew I could do and what I knew O could do.


And we kept doing what we knew we could do.


And it kept taking us forward.




If you have an 'impossible' goal, I'm not going to tell you it's possible.


All I can say for certain is that you'll never find out unless you do what you can.


Do what you can.


It may move you forward. It may get you there. It may get you further than you thought you could go.



This great speech just came to mind so I'll leave you with it. Also explains the Al Pacino pic that seemed very random.

Arton "Doing what I can, seeing how far it takes me" Baleci