According to one of my clients, I have something in common with The Green Mile's star inmate John Coffey. That's his nickname for me.


I don't look much like him, I don't have any of his magical abilities but what I do can fairly reliably appears to "take people's pain away". John Coffey literally took pain away.


I don't. 

I just give people feedback with my hands and through movement that helps them feel how they are making pain for themselves and they then take it away for themselves.



Having done quite a lot of work with my brother following an ankle break that required surgery, I asked him how he would describe what I do.


"When people's bodies are f#cked, you unf#ck them.

You're a Body Unf#cker."


How's that for a title? The Body Unf#cker!



Even people who have worked extensively with me find it hard to describe what I do because I'm not a physiotherapist, I'm not a chiropractor, I'm not an osteopath, I'm not a strength and conditioning coach or a masseuse.


I do two things:


1) I help serious athletes upgrade their speed, agility, strength, endurance and mobility without lifting, running or stretching.

2) I help people with life-altering injuries who've already tried everything to get better make significant improvement or I give them their money back.



The method I use to do all of these things is called


Athletic Upgrading


Sessions mostly involve movement. Sometimes my clients move, sometimes I help with my hands, sometimes they rest and I move them in very specific ways. Most of work is very gentle and its very rare that a client breaks a sweat. Yet most of the time at the end, they are more powerful and less painful.



I'm based in London now so if you're ever here and are either serious about your sport or resolving a life-altering injury, come check me out. 

That's the only way you'll really know what I do...

and the only way you can come up with another laughable nickname for me.




Arton "The Body Unf#cker" Baleci

P.S. you can learn a little more about upgrading your athleticism and recovering from seemingly impossible injuries by clicking here.