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Gamblers and magicians will be particularly familiar with the expression 'stacking the deck'.


For those of you unfamiliar with it, it comes from the idea of a deck of cards being intentionally arranged in a way that is particularly advantageous to one player and disadvantageous to the unknowing others.


It's all about increasing your odds.



Here's the thing about increasing odds:


it doesn't mean you will necessarily get what you want.


Let's say you flip a coin ten times.


The odds of each flip – 50/50 - don't affect the next flip.


Some people may expect to get heads and tails five times each but if you've ever played like this, you will have seen that this doesn't often happen. You can quite easily hit a streak of ten heads with such a small number of flips.


It's only when you make the number of flips very large (i.e. infinite) when you would expect to get a 50/50 distribution.


Even if we somehow made a coin that had an 80/20 heads/tails chance, it'd still be pretty easy to flip a long string of tails consecutively.


That said, what would you put your money on – a 50/50 bet or an 80/20 bet?



Athleticism to me is all about the spectrum of movement from immobile to fully mobile, the spectrum of fully body connectedness from fragmented parts to a united, harmonious system and the spectrum of ability to act out your intentions from completely unable to fully able to actualise your intentions.


These spectra are like athletic percentage scales, 0 to 100%, zero athleticsim to full athleticism. Learn more about it by clicking to subscribe here.


The more athleticism you have, the less likely you are to hurt yourself and the more likely you are to be able to do exactly what you want to do.


Notice, I'm still talking about likelihood. Even somebody up above 90%, a rare creature even in pro sport, can still fold.


Some people look at this fact and think something like “Well, if I can get injured anyway, what's the point in investing in improving my athleticism?”


That's like saying “I see people living to their 90's smoking all their lives and non-smokers dying of lung cancer in their 50's. I may as well smoke” or “Loads of people drink and drive safely and sober people still die in car crashes so what's the harm in a few beers before I drive?”



Improving your athleticism, your ability to move in a connected, intentional way increases your odds of playing and winning without any guarantees.


But when compared with a person who hasn't invested time and energy in improving their athleticism, I know where I would put my money.



Arton “Stacking your deck” Baleci