Beyoncé is awesome.


Apart from being bootylicious, she is one hell of an athlete.


Right now, she leaves me in the dust. Would she leave you there too?


You may think my Christmas feasting has finally tipped me over the edge and made me lose my mind but hold on for a few seconds and I'll explain myself.



She dances like a professional dancer. 

Grace, mobility, coordination and balance. That combination in itself puts her high up on my athletic ranking.


On top of that, she sings as well as she dances.

The range, agility and control with which she uses her voice is spectacular is indicative of something else.


There's some brilliant work by a guy called Thomas Myers who coded a physical system called the deep front line. The deep front line is an interconnected string of muscles, fascia and other connective tissue that runs from the bottoms of your feet, up through the deepest tissues of your lower and upper legs and your hips and then up through your diaphragm, lungs, chest, throat and neck.


If your deep front line is in a great state of functionality, everything else has a better chance of doing what it can do. With singing like that, you can be damn sure her deep front line is in tip-top condition.


The long and short of it is that she is free.


Freedom allows you to use everything you have in unison.


Using everything in unison makes you less likely to overuse any parts in isolation from others making you less likely to injure yourself.


By the same token, a more united you is a more powerful you.


A more powerful you also means a more adaptable you that can learn better.


We could take Beyoncé and I, drop us into a new sport that neither of us has ever had any experience with and given the same amount of practise, she would become more skilled than I would in the same period of time.


Where I am bound by internal resistance to certain movements, she is not. 

Learning and adaptation would be easier for her than I.



Beyoncé is an athletic phenomenon.


Learning to sing, learning to dance or improving the functioning of your deep front line (the first two will improve the third more than the third will improve the first two) can take you towards more phenomenal performances in whatever you do. You can also get more info on becoming a better athlete here.



Arton "Drunk In Love...with her athleticism, of course" Baleci