I don't condone ninja-style fly kicking into a football crowd to silence an abusive supporter, although the temptation has arisen more than once, but it was one way to leave a lasting impression on the collective consciousness of English football fans.


He also found many others.


Eric Cantona was a great player.


Turns out he's not a bad actor either.


If you haven't seen the 2008 movie "Looking for Eric" co-starring Mr Cantona as himself, I thoroughly recommend it.


It's about a guy going through some pretty hard times who starts to hallucinate his footballing icon to help him deal better with his life.



I remember a section of the movie where Cantona is coaching his imaginer to be more emphatic in the way he delivers his words.


On receiving a meek, half-hearted delivery, Cantona tells his coachee to say it more like he believes it with a choice of words that has stuck with me for the past few years:


"Say it from your balls!"


Don't just say it from your mouth.

Don't just say it from the pit of your stomach.

Say it from your balls (or the lady equivalent).

Say it from everywhere.

It's the same in your sport.

If you're a basketball player, don't just shoot from your hands...shoot with everything.

If you're a horse rider, don't just steer from your arms or centre...steer with everything.

If you're a Thai boxer, don't just kick with your leg or your hip...kick with everything.

I had a client yesterday who learned to do something she'd found impossible for years in around an hour.

All she did was involve more parts of herself in her action. If you're interested in hearing more ideas about how you can do this, click here to sign up for exclusive info.

Doing what you do with everything you've got - your head, your eyes, your ribs, spine, arms, legs, hands, feet, breath, mind, senses...


will upgrade your power in your sport and in the rest of your life given the same level of effort.

I skipped through the movie before writing this post today so that I didn't badly paraphrase the quotation and the funny thing is that I couldn't find it.

I either couldn't find it or have hallucinated the eccentric Frenchman too!

Imagined or not, he was right.

Next time you play, play it from your balls.

Play it from everywhere.

Arton "The Hallucinating Smoggy" Baleci

P.S. a Smoggy is somebody from the fine region of England known as Teesside!

P.P.S. if you watch the movie any time soon, please let me know if he says this or I've just imagined it! I'm a little worried!