Have you ever got so overexcited you hurt yourself?


I was in my fourth year of secondary school at an indoor football practise.


I had the ball at my feet and I was dribbling towards the last defender - the team captain who let very little past him.


I tried to do something clever to beat him but as I dummied and dragged the ball across my body with the sole of my foot, I stumbled and accidentally kicked the ball past the wrong side of him.


Quickly realising what I'd done, I recovered my balance and ran around the other side of him.


If I'd have meant what I'd done, it would have been a stroke of genius.


Some of the other players hadn't realised it had been accidental and I heard a little collective cheer go up behind me as I sped goalward.


It was quite a rush. The rush overtook me as I went to shoot. So happy with myself for my accidental invention, I took my eye of the ball, rushed my shot, kicked the ball out of my own way with my standing foot before striking it properly and fell heavily on my wrist in a heap.


I don't remember for certain but I'm guessing that got an even louder cheer.


I do however remember the sprained wrist.


More happily, I remember going out of my way to master that accidentally invented move.


Over the next few months, I turned it into a devastating weapon within my little box of tricks, beating many a player with it easily and intentionally.




When I searching for the quotation for the other day's post on The Hallucinated Frenchman, I came across some words of his that I have evidence he actually said:




"Surprise them but surprise yourself first." Eric Cantona



Cantona is pretty deep, isn't he?



When is the last time you surprised yourself?


Surprising yourself isn't something many of us often do but it really is the key to surprising your opponents. They cannot anticipate something you don't know you will do and without anticipation they will be slower and less able to stop you.


Can you create something new for yourself? Something you have never done before or seen anybody do before?


I don't think so... surprise me ;)





Arton "Trying to pretend like I meant it" Baleci