Words can move us, not literally but almost. We are often so compelled to act based on what people say to us that it is as if they make us act in certain way.

Think of speeches that have energised you, monologues that have motivated you and stories that have swept you off your feet.

The power of words is not always so liberating. Used in other ways, words have slowed us down, tired us and pained us. Words and our bodies become almost inseparable in this way.

When we talk of a "pain in the neck", even if talking metaphorically, can we actually be influencing ourselves or expressing ourselves on a deeper level?


You probably know I specialise in helping people upgrade the way they move so that they can have less pain, more comfort and can perform better everywhere from the boardroom to elite sports.

I'm teaming up with my colleague Daryll Scott, NLP change agent, speaker and author, who specialises in using language to help people change the level of their game, to bring you an awesome one day workshop:


London, 24/02/15


If you would like to learn more about how language and movement can powerfully move you away from strain, pain and struggle towards better, easier performance in the gym or the boardroom, click here.


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