Direct question alert:

what do you read my articles for? What do you want to get out of them?


Do you want to be less injured? Faster? Stronger? Have better posture? Be more comfortable? Just feel more in charge of your body and yourself?

Those things are what I specialise in helping people access and create more of in themselves. My long-time friend and colleague Daryll Scott (performance coach and author) also helps people be more in charge of themselves but where I use movement to stimulate this, he masterfully uses language to help them.

We have a stellar one day event coming up in the new year that is all about you learning to feel more in charge of your body and yourself by getting a better understanding of how movement and language affect your's called


Come  join Daryll and I to upgrade your ability to bring better performances out of yourself more often.

Click here to find out more and to join us.


Arton "The Movement" Baleci
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