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I don't know if you're in a relationship or not right now but I'm sure you're aware that today is Valentine's Day.

Today is a celebration of love.





Possibly nakedness.

It's all superb stuff.

I'll tell you what isn't so superb...

when celebrating love is confined purely to this one day...

this one arbitrary day.

Surely love is a year round thing?

Yet we all know people who really 'make the effort' to push the boat out for 'the big occasions' only to neglect the rest of the year.


It doesn't just happen in relationships.

I'm sure you've seen it in your sport too.

People who only really make an effort when they think it's a more important occasion.


Every football league game gives you three points per win, regardless of the opponent.

Every stride in your race counts, off the start line and towards the finish.

Every basket you can make in a game of basketball counts regardless of whether it's a spectacular dunk or a scrappy lay-up.


Every training session, every competition and all the bits in between all play a part in your relationship with the mastery of your game.

Love is a year round thing.


I hope you pack your Valentine's Day full of I hope you do many of your other days too.



Arton "Not just a day for athletic loving" Baleci


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