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Whether you're an athlete or not, I'd bet my glow-in-the-dark dinosaur decorated boxer shorts on more strength and power being a useful thing to you.



Even if you don't know it, it would.

I saw a prime examples at both ends of the athletic spectrum yesterday.

Late in the afternoon, I saw a lady shopkeeper out of breath from walking 10 metres or so. She was overweight, which of course made her task harder but that wasn't the main cause of her problem.

Her posture was terrible. 

Her spine was overly rounded, her head jutted far forward, she was unintentionally hinged forwards from her hips, she had knock-knees and her feet pointed out 45 degrees each from front.

Moving looked very awkward and hard.

Later in the evening, I had the privilege of working with a handful of young players at Wigan Athletic FC.

These lads, who are tipped for the top, were given to me for micro-sessions to have them improve their speed, agility, balance and power.

One of the lads was doing some plyometric (jump) training to help him develop the musculature and the movement patterns beneficial in generating power.

When I think of plyometrics, I think of triple extension.

Triple extension refers to the rapid extension of the ankles, knees and hips. We can see this pattern clearly when somebody jumps - it's how they push themselves from the floor.

It is also present in many other activities.

We do it in running.

We do it in walking.

We even kind of do it in standing.

One thing becomes immediately apparent with the example of the lady shopkeeper: 


triple extension isn't just about the ankles, knees and hips.

If we went about trying to help this lady standing and walk easier through improving the extendability of those joints, we would quickly find there'd be nothing doing without addressing everything else.

Without good function in your toes, spine, shoulders and neck (think about the movement of jumping and what these do while your ankles, knees and hips rapidly extend), how well can those other parts work?

Improving these forgotten parts of triple extension can really aid the well-known ones..


The lad doing the plyometrics improved in around 3 minutes without doing any further jumping.

All it took was a bit of hands-on gentle movement from me that helped him very quickly figure out how to do triple extension better through his entire body.

It's never just the ankles, knees and hips.

Let the rest of you join the party and you can feel a powerful upgraded version of triple extension more quickly than you may believe possible.

That equals more power in everything you do.

Arton "Include the forgotten" Baleci