Ask yourself the question in the headline again:


Are you finished?


What's your answer to that?

How did you interpret the question?

Is finished a good thing or a bad thing?


I was speaking with a golf pro client of mine the other day about his own game and coaching...

we had just done a session in which he improved his swing speed again to above the tour average speed...

and we were expressing our despair/delight at the thought of our ongoing journey to mastery.

We're never finished.

And yet many of us want to be "the finished article".


Being "The Finished Article" has a major attraction. Being able to know with certainty what your ability is.

But there are major drawbacks.

You would never again know the feeling of learning something new or improving something.

You would probably be very bored.

With your fixed level of ability, unless you were streets ahead of all of your competition, you would watch them overtake you with utter futility. There would be nothing you could do to improve to stay competitive.


I think being finished takes on a different meaning when we look at it this way.


My younger brother joked before a trip to Ibiza to party his summer away last year that he would come back with a tattoo reading FINISHED on his arm.

It would be an entertaining reminder of how much like death he had felt after partying so hard.

He also sent me a text saying "29. Finished." on my birthday the other day. 



Finished can mean many different things.

Every high level athlete that I have met and worked with through their manner of action demonstrates what finished means to them and that they aren't.


It's up to you what it means to you.



Arton "29. Not finished anytime soon." Baleci


P.S. that isn't my brother in the photo above. He's more of a Rekorderlig drinker.

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