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Stick the scalpel into my leg if you want to.

I've never had a muscle biopsy done on me before but I'd bet that performing one on me would bring a pretty normal result. By this I mean that my proportion of fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibres (the muscle fibres that are primarily responsible for muscular speed and endurance capacities respectively) would be roughly average.


There are only a few sports where this would really matter.

I will never be an elite 100m runner or bobsleigh pusher

With this musculature and my height, I will never be an elite weightlifter.

These sports rely heavily on genetics. I am not a natural athlete for them.


But for many other sports, genetics play much lesser roles. There are some sports where their role is negligible or non-existent.

I've seen slow footballers, short basketballers and skinny rugby players.

There are clearly other ways to excel at these sports that have nothing to do with genetics but even then we still speak about naturals.

"He was born to kick a ball."

"She must have been born on a horse to ride like that."

"It's in their blood."


I have attached a great example of a 'natural' athlete in a sport where genetics play little part.

Watch the two minute clip of a five year old Lionel Messi who went on to become one of the greatest players ever 

Over the next few days, I'll speak about my thoughts on how 'natural' athletes come about and how if you aren't one you can become as good or better.

I'd also love to hear your thoughts on the matter.



Arton "Fighting for the non-naturals" Baleci

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