I'm admitting it to the world.
I wasn't I'll. I wasn't laughing too hard. I wasn't even scared witless.

I had been at school that day and in the lesson just after lunch, I needed to go. As some teachers weren't so accommodating for toilet breaks, I thought I'd hold it until the end of the day. 

When the final bell came, I went to go to the gents at the bottom end of our school. It was closed. The only other toilets in the school were about a 10 minute walk back into the school. Taking into account that home was only 25 minutes walk away and that going to the other toilets would mean it would be 45 minutes to home, I decided I could hold until home.

I walked in through the front door, trousers still dry. Somebody was in the downstairs toilet so I jogged upstairs, ran in the bathroom and locked the door.

I'd made it. I was home and dry. But that sigh of relief came about four seconds too early. Those pelvic floor muscles I'd been contracting like mad for a few hours let go and there I was with a wet pair of trousers.

I help athletes and non-athletes use their bodies better so they can do more of what they want...so why have I just told you an adolescent bladder control story?

Your pelvic floor muscles are of huge importance to your athletic potential and your quality of life, that's why.

Breathing, core stability and therefore strength, speed, agility and mobility are all hugely influenced by those muscles that help us regulate our weeing and pooing, amongst other things that some of you may blush reading about.

If they're overactive or underactive, all of those acts will degrade in their quality and my story is an example of a surefire way to do this...

holding it in for prolonged periods of time.


In our culture, we can't really just stop and do a toilet whenever we have the urge like we could in days gone by. We have to be a little more strategic.

But think about the times you've held it just because it's a little inconvenient to go.

If this is something you regularly do, you can start to reset your perception of when you need to go and in doing this, you will start to overcontract your pelvic floor muscles without even noticing it. Your nervous system will make this overcontraction the new norm, even when you don't have to hold anything in.

Over time, our breathing, core stability and all those other qualities will begin to silently change as a result.

Essentially, you piss on your athleticism a drop at a time and only notice it by the time it's drenched.

So my advice to you today is to go when you need to go whenever you can.

Keep your athleticism dry,

Arton "Home and dry" Baleci


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