I lost my voice at the weekend. Having been confined to a whisper for a few days now, I can kind of growl my words.

I'd like to think I sound a bit like Batman. I know how geeky that sounds.

A part from the last Batman movie came to mind when thinking about what I wanted to share with you today.

Having pretty much eradicated crime from Gotham, Batman goes into something like retirement for years until the city comes under major threat from a masked man-mountain of a villain called Bane.

There is a part of the movie where Bane is kicking Batman's ass and says to him,

"Peace has cost you your strength. Victory has defeated you."

Having achieved what he wanted, Batman didn't need to keep searching for ways to fight crime. He'd gone soft.

This is true of most of us to a great extent.

We want to learn to become better athletes.

The truth is that while we can improve markedly, we have a lot of victory already.

You aren't a novice. You can do the basic movements of your sport. Some of them pretty well.

And while consciously you would love to improve, our unconscious systems are set-up for the most part to keep things the same. Even if they could be better.

Our unconscious systems cling onto our victories, whether you want to consciously or not.

As long as your intention is carried out - whether it be to run, jump, twist or turn - in some shoddy way, your unconscious systems will often chalk that off as victory.


There are two ways around this.

Using conscious will power, you may be able to alter this process bit it will take a very long time.

The second way is better and far quicker.

Give yourself athletic movement challenges outside of your normal patterns that register as defeats and things you fail at. These will elicit a response from your unconscious systems that will result in a change in your fundamental athleticism, whether you want them to or not.

Just like Bane's threat to Gotham brings Batman back into the game and forces him to try finding ways to be better than ever before, new movement challenges can do wonders for your athleticism.

Victory needn't defeat you (in my growly Batman voice).

Arton "Batboy" Baleci 

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