I see a lot of bodily habits that you may think are weird.

But when you see that so many people do them, you can't call them weird anymore.

The average athlete has many bodily habits that don't serve them. 

If your body doesn't obey your intentions in some way, you're not alone.


The other day I was on somebody else's laptop logging into my emails. As I hit the "@" key, the double apostrophe speech marks symbol appeared.

Luckily, I remembered that on some keyboards, these keys are set-up the opposite way so I could quickly delete my initial effort and hit shift and " to get my @ symbol.

The first time this happened to me many years ago, I had no clue what was going on. I thought I'd lost my mind. I was lucky somebody told me of the way to get the @ before my frustration led to technological homicide.

To this day, I can partially solve my problem by remembering this trick but I've never gone and found out how to change the system settings so that the @ key types what I want. This would be my ultimate solution.

One of those bodily habits that may not be serving you is very similar to this. It's when your senses play tricks on you.

Some people perceive certain parts of their body to be in very different positions to where they actually are. Can you see how this may cause underperformance and problems?

Feeling like your weight on your feet is even when it's actually more on one foot can be as bad for your ankles and knees can be as harmful as feeling like boiling water is only warm to your skin.

Believe it or not, loads of us are doing this with many of our body parts without even knowing it. You'd just have to stand in what you believe to be an even way with each foot on a separate set of bathroom scales to test it for yourself. 

Knowing where your senses are playing tricks on you can help but it is the equivalent of learning the keyboard trick with the @ and " keys. It's slow and cumbersome.

The real way to deal with this phenomenon is the equivalent of going into the keyboard settings and changing them to your preferred configuration.

Changing your sensory system so that it corresponds to reality isn't the easiest thing in the world to do but is possible with the right methods.

When your senses stop playing tricks on you and instead serve you, your body will be much more on your side. How much would that help your game?

Arton "@" Baleci

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