If you read this regularly, it's probably because you find some sort of resonance with what I'm saying.

Maybe it's a resonance that you don't feel elsewhere, otherwise you may be reading elsewhere instead.

The truth is, I don't buy into most of the conventional methods of athletic improvement or rehabilitation because I don't find them greatly effective. Stepping away from the conventional to find something new and better has been lonely at times.

Just like when I was training to be an athlete without a big team around me, going that extra mile to find better ways to develop myself and offer better service for my clients has been tough at times.

It seems to be a common price of pursuing mastery. I'd bet you've felt this way too.

This weekend, I was reminded of something:


This weekend, I delivered a workshop called The Art and Science of Learning with my great friend and colleague Dr Richard Bailey. Rich and I are kindred spirits with different areas of expertise but very similar philosophies.

It turned out that the group that joined us for our day on learning were also coming from a very similar place to us, philosophically, and so what ensued was a great day amongst people similar enough on one level to gain a great deal from meeting each other and different enough in experience, methods and fields to get a great deal from our differences too.

We all came from different fields and different parts of the UK (Rich flew in from Berlin too).

When you're feeling alone in working towards being more exceptional at what you do, remember that at the far right of the bell curve, there are less people like you but there still are people like you.

They are doing their own thing, just like you, and touching base with them from time to time will nourish your soul.

Doing great things will require, at times, you working through hard lonely times.

Remember in those times, you are not alone.


Arton "Nourished" Baleci

P.S. some exciting news - I can confirm I'll be opening the doors of my central London Harley Street office on June 30th! Maybe I'll see you there sometime for your athletic upgrading or chronic injury (hopefully not) needs.