A client was dropping me off after a session recently when he said to me a thought that had crossed his mind during our work.

"What the fuck is Arton doing?" he'd thought at one point in our session when I was almost imperceptibly moving some part of him that was seemingly unrelated to the place where he was wanting to upgrade his abilities.

Shortly afterwards, he realised that he was able to make a movement that he had previously found impossible for many years. I had to laugh.


This is a regular occurrence in the work I do with people.

I work with a foot to get a result at their head or at their chest to get a result in their knee. This is for two reasons. Working at a distance like this helps avoid any feelings of risk in the body, especially with people in pain. Secondly and more importantly, it's just more effective.

We are so deeply conditioned to believe that we are made up from separate parts that even though intellectually we know that we are one connected unit, we don't act like it. We are baffled when somebody is playing with our knee to improve the range of motion in our shoulder.

Also, I often work very gently with a feather-light touch. People have experience of doing fitness work or work with osteopaths, chiropractors and physios that involves pain, clicking and cracking. If something hurts or cracks, it's so much easier to expect change in that area because it's what we're used to from a lifetime of being told it's like that.

I know - I still catch myself acting like that from time to time.

But again, gentleness is more effective. Think of all the training you may have done or all the treatment you may have had. How much has it really upgraded your abilities. How much better have you really gotten given all the time and effort you've put in?

Pushing yourself will only make you fitter to do the thing you can already do better.

It will rarely help you to learn to do new things that are better than the old ones.


What I do with my athletes and clients isn't a spectacular looking thing. It definitely isn't a spectator sport. 

The results, however, are of a nature that often cannot be achieved with methods that look like they should be doing more.

Faster, stronger, more mobile and comfortable without running, lifting, stretching or pain. That's my deal.

People can keep asking what the fuck I am doing.

And I'll keep showing them results.


Arton "WTF" Baleci