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I heard of a horrible act of cruelty just the other day.

In Newcastle-upon-Tyne fairly recently a vandal set fire to a cluster of pigeon lofts.

Some of the birds died immediately and some escaped. Many of the escapees bizarrely also died...because as highly trained homing pigeons they did what they knew how to do...they flew home, in spite of the fire.

Hundred of birds died in these two ways during this horrid event. While many of us will feel nothing but sympathy for those that couldn't escape, many of us feel somewhat confused at the other bunch who were free but flew back.

Why would they do this? Are they stupid?

Pigeons are not as capable of intelligence as humans but make no mistake that many of us regularly act like these poor pigeons.

Think of a chronically injured individual who has no broken bones or ruptured soft tissues. There is something in their habit of using themselves that creates their pain.

With fully intact bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons there is nothing to stop them flying free of their pain...except their habit.

Homing pigeons through many repetitions of revisiting home learn to "feel right" there just as through countless repetitions, the chronically injured person "feels right" using themselves in the suboptimal way that creates the pain.

Every bone in their body is compelling them to go home even though in reality, they are free to do what they want and be free.

Until the person who is feeling chronic pain can feel that freedom feels as right or better than the "home" they're used to, they will experience pain.

This works in exactly the same way at the opposite end of the scale for upgrading performance too.

We will "fly home" to the way we're used to doing things even if it means staying at the same levels of athleticism despite what we consciously want unless we can make the new ways that will allow greater speed, agility, strength and mobility feel more homely than our previous way did.

In many cases of rehabilitation or sports performance improvement, it's in changing your sense of home where real progress lies.

The pigeons, through habit, were blind to their freedom. We often are too.

Make freedom feel better.

Arton "Live free" Baleci

P.S. email me if you know off the top of your head what this email title is a reference to. If you do, we're kindred geeks.