"...now came out on bike. Did get reversed into mind but at least the tosser left with a scratch on his Merc."

"You OK?"

"...no doubt have bruised legs...but bike's OK."

This was part of the text exchange between my girlfriend and I on Sunday afternoon. Riding around Central London, she'd been backed into by a Mercedes. She's from the north so she's hard as nails and had just shrugged off the matter.

Fast forward a few hours when I met her. She was in quite a state. Breathing was painful. Moving was painful. One side of her neck and that shoulder were not feeling good.

From her bump, she was experiencing what we commonly refer to as whiplash.

Not knowing if it was too soon to try helping and not feeling comfortable watching her suffer, I stepped in to work the night before the Harley Street opening.

20 minutes later, she could breathe, laugh, cough and move freely. I was a little bit chuffed to say the least.


"Whiplash" isn't really a thing. You can't pick it up or put it down. You can't give it to somebody or take it away from them.

"Whiplash" is a THING YOU DO.

We often respond to very heavy bumps and impacts by bracing ourselves. We hold our breath. We tense our muscles. 

The problem is often that we don't realise that we're still doing this after the incident because our senses are so shaken up. 

The sensorily shaken, contracting, breath-holding mode can become a norm for us and due to our senses being out of whack, we can stay like this and even get worse over time.

All I did with my girlfriend in that 20 minutes was put her in a comfortable position and have her learn to sense better. Once she was no longer sensing herself and her surroundings out of whack, she automatically changed how she breathed, how she contracted and how she moved quickly.

Think of it like a sensory reset, or at least something like that.

It's not just "whiplash" that is improved like this. Most sports injuries and sports performance work I do is done in this manner.


Arton "If Whiplash had a Merc, I'd scratch the shit out of it" Baleci