This isn't what it sounds like...kind of!

I'm definitely not always touching people in the world outside of work (otherwise I would be writing this from behind bars) and even in my work I don't always touch people to help them become better athletes or to rehabilitate from injury.

Sometimes I help move people to better athleticism with words.

Take some work I did in the United States a few months ago that I got this testimonial for yesterday:


"Roadrunners U15 Select play in the National Premier League, which is the top competitive soccer league in Illinois. 

Arton joined us in the preseason training to help the team with the mental aspects of the game. In just two weeks we were able to observe an enormous increase in the boys' focus and confidence. As a result, the number of errors at our games decreased by roughly 60%.

Arton also worked with some of the boys individually to help resolve various issues, from problems with past injuries to issues with balance, low flexibility etc. The feedback from the boys was very positive, they all enjoyed working with Arton but, more importantly, the improvements they made carried to the field as well.

We look forward to working with Arton again in the near future."

Out of the squad of 24 or so, I worked with 10 hands-on and everybody else I only spoke with.

Although the testimonial refers to mentalaspects of development, I tend not to label them as that where I can help it.

Any apparently 'mental' improvement must be accompanied by some sort of 'physical' improvement or else how would we know it had occurred? The same is true vice-versa.

I don't care about mental or physical development, I care about the person in front of me being able to do more of what they want to do more like how they want to do it.

If that means I talk with them, touch them or both to help them get that, so be it.

The fact that culturally we are so deeply into the notion that our mind and body are separate things is part of the reason we find it so difficult to do as we please in our sports and to live pain-free and comfortably.

Don't worry, I'm not getting all crystal danglery and sandal wearingy on you talking about mind-body union. I'm merely pointing at the fact that the only separation there is exists through words alone.

It's convenient to speak about psychology and body because people are familiar with the lingo but beyond that, the concepts have little value.

We only know that the players I worked with in the US got better because we all saw it and experienced it. There were no psychological profiles or questionnaires done and there was no electroencephalography (that's the sciencey word for a scan of the electrical activity of the brain - something I very occasionally use) done. 

Just real life better performance in game scenarios.

Touching you and talking to you are both, when done well, extremely powerful forms of communication that can change you and your game for the better.

Arton "Not always touching people, not writing this from behind bars" Baleci

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