In the past 24 hours I've had the pleasure of working alongside golf pro Richie Marsden with some of his clients.

In 60 minutes sessions, people made some remarkable changes to their golf swings. They hit straighter, they hit longer and they hit with less pain.

There's something I would like to share with you from what we did with these players and it applies far beyond golf.


Imagine hitting a golf ball. If you've never played golf, imagine hitting something else (a tennis ball, a football, Miley Cyrus with her sledgehammer).

Now imagine hitting said object while stood on your tiptoes.

Weak, right?

We need a solid contact from the ground to have hope of delivering a powerful strike be it in golf or whatever as it doesn't matter how strong you are if you're off-balance.

From time to time, a player may notice that they shift their weight forwards towards being on their tiptoes as they hit and may sensibly make a conscious effort to shift their weight back onto their heels.

As logical an idea as this would appear to be, the result usually ends up being something other than that desired.

Like a lump under a rug that moves rather than disappears when you stamp on it, shifting the weight consciously to the heels causes some other unintended shift further up which is no better than being on the tiptoes.

If you notice that you forward weight-shift on one or both feet and doing so is leaking valuable hitting power for you, it's worth addressing as the returns can be great. Just be sure that addressing the feet being on the floor is done through a systemic change rather than a local change in which the system stays the same and the lump under the rug is moved rather than removed.


Golfers and other athletes, move smoother in your entirity, your feet will contact the floor more without conscious effort and you will strike harder.


Arton "Move to remove" Baleci
Float Sting - Sports Injury Rehab and Performance, Harley Street, London W1